B2B Marketing – What role do social networks play?

B2B Marketing - What role do social networks play?

B2B Marketing: Growing Importance of Social Media

The use of social media is also becoming increasingly important for B2B marketing if goals such as acquiring new customers or receiving new orders are to be pursued. Reaching out to potential customers isn’t as easy as with B2C businesses. A company must always stay on course by properly cultivating its many contacts. This can happen at conferences or similar events or even lead to more exclusive measures such as business lunches or factory tours. Customer retention measures are diverse, individual and of course very important. Large companies, bound by anti-corruption policies, are quite at a disadvantage here. For example, Edeka employees are not even allowed to accept a coffee if they are visiting a business partner for an external appointment.

Search engine optimization promotes findability

As the order allocation of B2B companies is increasingly done online – along with the market research and possible research required – a company must always stay up to date with search engine optimization and control and improvement of its visibility.
Using social media can have a supportive effect. Additionally, if a potential partner has a decent social media presence, the company posting the RFP can see what products and services they offer, collect valuable impressions if needed, and ultimately make a preliminary decision.

Position yourself in an attractive way for candidates thanks to social networks

Also regarding the shortage of skilled workers, social media is an option to present yourself as an attractive employer. Current and future young candidates are almost always used to the fact that a company also has a fan page on Facebook, for example. If not, conclusions are drawn immediately; Isn’t this company dealing with social media? Or even with all the Internet? Is it conservative, stuffy, boring? If you’re on the road in terms of social media marketing, you have a wide variety of advertising options. Employees are often used as testimonials or interns are turned into bloggers. The goal is to position yourself as a top employer with a high degree of authenticity and to set yourself apart from the competition.

Quality content generates interest and leads to success

Those looking at the company’s presence on social media must be able to discover clear added value in the content for their interest to be aroused. In the best-case scenario, they somehow deliver the content they are passionate about. Since B2B marketing often concerns very specific target groups, quality takes precedence over quantity here. Specifically, this means that 1,000 interested fans are worth more than 30,000 fans who at most give a like but never explore the page intensely. And to guarantee this permanently, a sustainable content strategy is necessary. An editorial plan along with proper analysis of channel performance and fan reaction is highly recommended here to maximize success.

Social media as a component of business communication

However, it should always be borne in mind that social media communication can only have an accompanying character and should not be completely focused on it. The strategy must be global, judiciously coordinated and integrated. Success only happens if you don’t rush headlong into new territory, but know exactly what you want and how you want to get there. Framework conditions such as the definition of a target group, support for mobile devices, SEO aspects or support for AdWords campaigns are just some of the aspects to be taken into account. If you approach the subject of social media with these thoughts, you are on the right track.

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