From medicine to marketing – side entry into the online world

From medicine to marketing - side entry into the online world

Stand-ups, pitches, reports – all these terms have only recently taken on meaning for me.

As a career changer in online marketing, I often thought at first: can I do this? Can I reflect on my path? Can I stay in one place that long?

But now back to the beginning:

As a nurse by training, I am used to the hustle and bustle, as well as a lot of physical work and quick decisions. Alternating morning, late and night shifts, emergencies and hierarchies were the order of the day. An arduous, but at the same time precious and instructive part of my life, which has profoundly shaped me.

The framework conditions make this fine work, but little by little an unacceptable state. I had to change something. The moment had come when I said to myself: it can’t be that yet. So I decided to make a drastic change.

The side entrance

Above all, I always wanted to do something creative. Online marketing just felt right to me. Mixed with many analyses, I had found my vocation.

A job as a student employee was my entry into the world of online marketing. But with that came the uncertainties. I was stable in daily hospital life, worked hard to earn my position and reputation, and always knew exactly what I was doing. Suddenly, I felt like I was back to the beginning. It wasn’t hard for me to trade my shift work for flextime or my rubber gloves for a keyboard, but I still felt very small.

Why Online Marketing Is A Mecca For Career Changers

A few years ago, a career change at 40 was unthinkable. And anyone nearing 30 and still unsure where they see their professional career was looked at strangely and it was soon assumed that there would probably be nothing left to do career-wise. But today is different! Side entry in online marketing is an example of what can theoretically work in any field today. Reorienting yourself professionally is not an emergency solution, but much more. Because there are many reasons to dare the side entrance.

One of my reasons was the need to Progress and learning new things: In everyday life at the hospital, I had little to do with the digital world and more with the (very) personal contact with people. But my experience was also very useful here. Dealing with colleagues, teamwork and stress were not new territory for me. But I had a desire for personal development. I had this inner dissatisfaction. Since I couldn’t improve nursing, I had to improve. The feeling of being able to stagnate professionally made me think outside the box and I realized that there was still room for improvement.

Career development opportunities: These too seemed quite small to me in nursing. As soon as I arrived in the marketing world, the networking started, people exchanged ideas and I was fascinated by all the interesting life paths and experiences. I quickly realized that I was not the only one to have reoriented myself across industries. From the professor who started as an intern at a well-known daily newspaper in Hamburg just a few years ago, or the influencer who reached thousands of followers in a very short time. My nervousness subsided over time and I realized that my decision was the only right one.

The side entrance may seem scary at first, but in the end, a number of new doors will open for you. But you have to go through it yourself! What else stops you?

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