Adobe Spark – the creative tool for everyone!

Adobe Spark - the creative tool for everyone!

A professional website and visually appealing content is difficult to produce and time consuming. Many agree on this. Attractive design for the online market has long been a topic for professionals. But software maker Adobe welcomes us to a new era of web and video design under the motto “Creativity for All”. The magic tool is called Adobe Spark and is available to everyone. In just a few minutes, it is possible to produce quite respectable designs, even without prior knowledge. So you can easily produce images for social media, videos or slideshows, as well as smaller websites. With ready-to-use templates, you can either use existing designs or get inspired to create your own.

Create images, videos and websites.

With this design tool, you can choose from three different design options in no time: images/collages (especially suitable for Instagram stories), websites to convey your message on a page, and videos/slideshows. However, it should be mentioned that it is not possible to edit existing videos with Adobe Spark. The tool only allows to read text or image graphics one after another.
To use the tool, you only need an Adobe account or you can log in directly with your Facebook or Google account. The use is completely free. You can access the tool on without installing anything. There is an app for on the go, both for iOS and Android. Since edited projects are stored in a cloud, you can continue editing your designs anytime, anywhere.

to take off.

If you want to start a new project, click or tap the big plus first. You now have the choice between Graphic, Web Page and Video elements.

If you want some inspiration for now, scroll down a bit. There you will find many examples of collages, slideshows, Instagram and Facebook posts.

For example, if you now select the Video option, you can give your project a title. However, this can easily be changed later. In the next menu item, Spark also offers you many different themes to support your creativity. They inspire and help you save time.

You have the option of using layout templates or venting creatively. Photos, text, icons and videos can be easily uploaded or you can choose from a large database of free photos.
You can choose fonts and backgrounds from ready-made themes or put them together yourself. Moreover, you can add music to your video if you want.

share your video

If you are satisfied with your video, you can either share it directly using the “Share” button or download it. If you are using the free version, the video will be marked at the end with a small note indicating that the video was created with Adobe Spark. This can only be avoided with a Creative Cloud or Adobe Spark subscription. But if you don’t mind, the free version is the best choice!
For those who use the tool with a subscription, however, there is the possibility of integrating your own logo into the video.

You can see a small example here.

Adobe Spark makes it possible to create engaging presentations and social media posts with little experience and in little time. So if you want to let off some creative steam, this tool is a good choice.

Already have experience with Adobe Spark? We look forward to your experiences!

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