CMCX 2019 – review

CMCX 2019 - review

For us, CMCX 2019 can probably be summed up as “Same same but different”. Lots of old faces, booths we know from last year BUT no crowdmedia booth. You can read our thoughts on the latest CMCX and our decision not to have our own booth this time here. Another thing we had in common with last year was that there were four of us there. Sven as a guide, who visited the fair three times and took a look behind the scenes, Svenja, who thought “If yes, then yes” and moderated both days, organized two panels and a workshop, and finally Markus and Jasmin, who focused solely on speaking engagements, social media reporting (check out our Instagram highlights) and networking.

You can read what we experienced from different angles here.

Conference at CMCX 2019 – That was the content

by Jasmine

The biggest advantage for me compared to last year: especially on the first day, I had time to listen to the exciting sessions on the stages. Here is a short clip.

“Content marketing – a real added value for established brands?”

Susan Schramm, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Germany, gave the keynote address. While McDonald’s goal is clearly to generate revenue and strengthen brand positioning, the main challenge is to find the right balance between pursuing goals and good storytelling. It goes without saying that the strategic base must not be missing, because as Susan said so well:

“Success without a strategy is just a fluke.” – Susan Schramm on the #CMCX.

A question she also raised was: what is content marketing and what is another form of advertising? She didn’t offer a concise answer, but argued for moving away from mass production (it was once again emphasized that this is not about breeding. Too bad.) in order to increase the quality of content marketing. Three points are particularly important here:

    1. Storytelling to bring brands to life
    1. dialogue with consumers
    1. a company’s attitude or why

“How savings banks unite all communication and marketing disciplines in copywriting”

Christian Achilles, head of communication and media at the German Savings and Postal Check Association, held the first session on the second stage and shocked the crowd with statements such as

“Good communication is not just content marketing.” Christian Achilles of the German Savings Banks and Postal Checks Association recommends the integration of various communication measures. #CMCX

The conference celebrates the press room, which integrates all communication tasks and thus enables significant efficiency gains. All communication activities or 83 people are seated in one room, are divided by topic and have a challenging goal system behind them. They achieve the mix of 70% pre-planned content and 30% ad-hoc content whose primary goal is to build trust. So you can judge for yourself if the strategy is working.

“Brother in spirit – why content has always been king at HORNBACH”

Katja Sottmeier, Head of Digital at Hornbach, clarified a few points in advance:

    1. Hornbach is not a normal hardware store, but a cathedral of creativity.
    1. Hornbach is the spirit brother of every craftsman.
    1. Hornbach is No. 1 for projects.

This all sounds great, but how do you get these messages across in communication? Answer: By attitude, differentiation and consistency. It is also important to put on the glasses of the craftsman and to ask oneself: What does the craftsman need? What is his motivation? What is he dreaming of? Because, as Katja summed it up so well:

“Our product is not the commodity. Our product is enthusiastic customers,” says Katja Sottmeier from @Hornbach_tweets on the #CMCX.

Various campaigns and measures such as the master blacksmith, the men’s room or the crown of the hero, which emphasize the dreams of the craftsman, cheered up the audience. So a lot of slogans and a lot of video material to say in the end: Think from the point of view of the customer rather than the product.

“Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse: How a ‘True Original’ Turned 90 Between Strategic Content Planning and Influencer Activation”

My expectations were the highest at Disney, so maybe that’s why I was disappointed. Various campaigns and cooperations of influencers (eg dm and Tchibo) were presented on the occasion of Mickey’s 90th birthday, all of which resulted in dream figures when it came to reaching. Thorsten Mühl, Director Digitalm, and Sarah Friedman, Supervisor Digital & Influencer Marketing at The Walt Disney Company Germany, all had questions about strategy, procedures, processes and small issues. The biggest takeaway for me (agencies are of course still very useful, but that belongs to another article):

“Influencer Marketing – by rappers, enabling content and measurable ROI”

This session was shaping up particularly well, as among the three speakers should also be Felix von der Laden aka Dner, one of the most successful German Let’s players on YouTube. As befits true stars, Jonas Hellebronth, social media manager at Sky Germany, Felix Hummel, CEO of Buzzbird and Felix von der Laden, founder of 25MATE, came too late. Still, for me, the speech was the best I’ve seen at the conference (and I really, really hate being late). The boys presented their influencer campaign to advertise the Sky ticket, in which they used bad boys like Massiv, 187 Strassenbande, Kida Ramadan and Gzuz. Work:

    • 10 influencers with 4 million views
    • 90,000 traffic link clicks
    • 3% conversion rate

The focus of the campaign was therefore on the authenticity, credibility and hype of the influencers. A problem that has arisen at this stage: advertising labels have a rather negative effect on the credibility of the street.

CMCX Guided Tours – Fair Ride x 4

by Sven

Is the concept of the Guided Tour known in theory? If not, I’ll summarize briefly: a small group (usually about 20 people) are equipped with headphones and then follow their guide. This guide takes you to different stands, where the exhibitor then introduces himself. This has happened in the past at Rockstars and dmexco and in 2019 for the first time at CMCX. To be more precise: 4 times over the two days of the show.

I find this format fascinating (from my point of view as a tourist guide) for two reasons: In the preparation, you have to deal with aspects that belong to a subject. Usually the organizer has an idea of ​​who you might visit. But in the end the guide has a lot of freedom. So the question I was asking myself in Rockstars in 2017 and 2018 came back in early 2019:

What do you absolutely have to say to a trade show visitor? What is the common thread that connects all the stands and exhibitors united under the banner of content marketing?

Content Marketing 2019 – that’s how I explained it.

The common thread for me in all marketing is user orientation. Of course, no one writes this important driver to their booth.

But that was a problem at many resorts we visited. Because for me, the following main points were always represented on each of the tours (which were similar but not identical):

    1. User orientation translates into the need to produce content.
    1. This content can be produced in different formats such as text, image, video.
    1. Due to the oversupply of content, visibility and distribution is always an issue. Advertising platforms help us do this.
    1. Publishing and content must be planned and managed.
    1. Since we’re not doing all of this just for fun, measuring success is a problem.

And there were plenty of booths on these topics. Here is a short selection:

Content Contessa from GoFeminin, for example, offers targeted and experienced content production for female target groups. On her stand, boss Paula told us, for example, how important Pinterest is for her subject. And then gave a lot of advice on how to optimize content for Pinterest.

Both Pictima, a specialist in individual video production, and Shutterstock were able to tell us about the different formats. Honestly, I have to say about Shutterstock that I completely underestimated my colleagues when it came to their portfolio. No, it’s not just image scholarships. They also offer a lot of videos and can also offer production. Interesting to know.

In terms of visibility, we often consult LinkedIn. If you align your content with professional groups, you have a huge portfolio of targeting options here. If you’re looking for B2C reach, colleagues at Native Ads are a help, as are branded studios such as those built by Burda or GoFeminin (again, Content Contessa). These branded studios build you the optimal content for their platforms and at the same time offer their own reach.

If it’s going to be your own content and editing, solutions like Scompler or Contentbird help with planning and control.

CMCX 2019 – Sven’s conclusion

CMCX 2019 showed (once again) how complex the subject of content marketing was and still is. On the one hand all content marketing. On the other hand, a large number of individual trades. It was exciting for me to hear from the stands how they set their priorities in order to score points with customers. This shows – and I agree with Mirko Lange – that the industry has become more professional and also a little more structured. The crazy growth I experienced a few years ago during the first BVDW roundtables is over. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities and careers.

Contentbird summed it up nicely: “We just come from the SEO corner, we used to be called Linkbird.” So I still have:

    • SEO cracks and copywriters,
    • the folks at Native Ads,
    • publishers looking for new and alternative economic models,
    • image professionals and moving image specialists and
    • the tools that make everything controllable.

This continues to make it difficult for people who aren’t so deep into the subject, with the clear division and transitions between enterprise publishing, SEO, social media and other online marketing channels. Good news: it’s actually easy. Focus your marketing on the customer. Don’t lose sight of your goals. The two together are called Content Marketing Status Quo 2019. In 2-4 years it will definitely be called differently, but it is still correct and important.

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