Target groups registered on LinkedIn

Target groups registered on LinkedIn

If you run social media ads regularly, you know that campaign manager interfaces are constantly changing. That’s why I’m particularly happy when there are certain constants that make day-to-day advertising easier. Registered target groups are particularly useful and save you a lot of nerves and time. But what few people know is that there is an option to save audiences not only in Facebook Ads Manager but also in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Saving LinkedIn target groups when creating an ad

Admittedly, LinkedIn’s saved audiences aren’t easy to find. Unfortunately, there is no direct menu item to call them. For this reason, you should also create them directly when setting up a campaign and save them as a template. The option to do this is at the bottom right, in the Audience Settings tab, as shown in the screenshot below. In addition to the model name, you can also add a description to the recorded audience. This is particularly useful if you save a target group in several variants, for example with different countries or languages. This means that your settings are easy for you to understand in the long run. In general, you should work cleanly when naming target groups and avoid too many abbreviations that you may not be able to remember later.

Get Saved LinkedIn Audiences

If you want to reuse a saved target group, first set up a new campaign or duplicate an existing campaign. Once you have reached the target group settings, select “Saved target groups” at the top of the tab.

Since the saved target groups are unfortunately linked to the personal LinkedIn profile, it is currently not possible to export them or release them for other people with access to the advertising account. To avoid having to re-enter all the settings, I recommend a handy workaround.

Share Saved LinkedIn Audiences

A function known from other tools is missing from LinkedIn, namely common access to registered target groups. Here’s how we solve it in our team:

  • We create a separate campaign group in each ad account. This campaign group is for audience management only.
  • I create a new campaign as a draft for each registered target group. Here I define the target group and save the campaign (still as a draft)
  • Now other users with access to the advertising account can open the corresponding campaign and copy the target group

Prebuilt LinkedIn Audience Templates

LinkedIn has also offered ready-to-use target group templates for some time. You will find it right next to the “Registered target groups” item. After clicking on it, a drop-down menu opens with an overview of the target group templates. At the end of the list there is a button that allows you to have a complete overview of all the predefined templates. In total, LinkedIn currently offers 26 target group templates, ranging from “Members with a PhD or in the process of a PhD” to “Members with experience in the use of ERP software such as SAP”. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can then further customize the audience to suit your needs.

Include target groups in the editorial plan

The editorial plan is the heart of many activities on social networks, it is assiduously filled with standard information, but no more. But how about if you also take notes about the target groups you address with individual messages. Admittedly, it’s really an advanced move, but with a clear advantage. You closely monitor whether you address your different target groups in a balanced way. Give it a try and give your editorial plan one more column in the excel sheet. 😉

Reading Tip: Assigning roles in LinkedIn Campaign Manager can also be quite a challenge. So as not to lose track in the jungle of sets, my colleague Aykut will explain to you which roles you can assign to your colleagues.

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