With Sales Marketing for Successful Lead Generation

With Sales Marketing for Successful Lead Generation

Even though the corona pandemic has many consequences, one effect in particular is noticeable: The pandemic has been a development accelerator for the topic of digital sales marketing! What exactly do we mean by sales marketing? Marketing activities that directly support sales – i.e. contact and lead generation.

Previous sales channels in B2B

What’s not unheard of is that most B2B industries are still organized in a more traditional way: marketing deals with branding and colorful images, while sales deals with contacts and appointments. yourself with your favorite living room channel. (Of course, there are more and more overlaps here too, but to better understand the problem behind the black and white painting helps.)

From 2020, marketing demands from B2B customers have also increased for us. The tenor: on the theme “We have a theme/product here and for that we need leads in certain markets! “. At first glance, these surveys are very actionist and not yet sufficiently integrated into an overall digital strategy or measurement concept. But at the same time, they are a great opportunity to test and promote new strategies and approaches.

Sales marketing goes digital, new sales channels

Since the start of the pandemic, the two main sales channels, salon and appointment, were no longer possible. After a year of pandemic, new replacement formats have certainly emerged, but it is no longer the standard procedure that has been proven for decades. Thus, the marketing requirement has become strong: “We need prospects!”

Conduct targeted campaigns

Campaigns can be such a way to test in the context of a goal and your own brand. Accordingly, it is also possible to launch short-term campaigns for lead generation once the topic and the target group have been defined.

Goal setting and lead forms

For optimal lead generation, a target URL or landing page with a lead form should be created as part of the campaign. But even if these are not (yet) available and it can happen quickly, the platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google & Co) offer direct prospecting forms through which data can be collected on the platform . The user has the advantage of not even having to leave the platform, so the obstacle is very low. The data protection officer prefers to use his own forms and has all data protection settings in his hands. When it comes to campaign implementation, on the one hand, as many prospects as possible should be reached, but at the same time, we as digital marketers want to get as much information as possible to future projects.

Discover reach and cost per lead by platform

Depending on the budget, topic and target group, you do not use just one advertising channel, but two or three at the same time in order to gain insight into the reach and cost of leads per platform during and at the very end of the campaign. . Especially with the first campaigns of this type, we always recommend discussing results, ideas and, if necessary, targeting parameters with everyone involved afterwards.

On the one hand, this is to acquire new information for future campaigns and, on the other hand, it also helps marketing and sales to grow a little more together in order to plan further measures in view. marketing and sales goals. Suppose the first campaigns are successful and the sales department licks blood on the topic of digital lead generation – then it’s time to consider which activities can still be expanded. Especially with more sustainability and less dependence on the media budget.

Inbound Marketing: Attract With Engaging Content

After checking the campaign to find out if and how (well) the digital lead generation worked, you have to move on to the topic of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is about attracting potential customers to your business with relevant and useful content and delivering value to them throughout the customer experience.

Not you, but your target group decides for itself

It is therefore above all a question of creating content that attracts the target group and makes them take action. Instead of emailing and calling potential customers to promote your product, inbound marketing uses the added value of convincing potential customers of your brand. accept a specific offer Where respond to a call to action when they can make the decision themselves.

Develop an inbound marketing strategy

For digital marketing to be implemented optimally, it helps to implement a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. To briefly describe the concept: it is basically content marketing that goes hand in hand with other activities such as SEO, website and email automation. Of course, these subjects are more complex and expensive than a campaign. Truly demonstrable success also requires time and resources.

SEA as a starting point, SEO as a sustainable strategy

It’s never too early to start when it comes to SEO visibility for topics (ultimately exactly what was previously achieved through push communications). In my experience, medium and large B2B companies are rarely optimally divided here.

Conclusion: Start early and establish processes

Hence my recommendation to make good use of the pandemic moment internally to initiate topics for which there is clearly a need at this time. Because if marketing approaches this with budget and selling power, more can be achieved in less time in the long run.

If you would like to know more about why it makes sense to invest in content now and why campaigns make sense despite the corona pandemic, please contact us here for the focus online Marketing conference. On May 18 from 10:40 a.m. to 11:20 a.m., I will give a talk on this subject during the Online Focus Conference Marketing. But if you don’t have time and you’re still interested, you can also send me an email and I’ll send you the presentation afterwards.

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